• poronui_Sika_hunting_new_zealand_poronui.JPG
    Poronui Hunting – Arguably the best Sika Stag Trophy Hunting in New Zealand
  • poronui_deer_hunting_nz_poronui_terrain.JPG
    Spot and stalk trophy hunting in diverse terrain
  • poronui_62.jpg
    Poronui Hunting – The spine-tingling roar of the rutting Red Stag is Poronui hunting at its best
  • poronui_Poronui_hunting_luxary_livingroom.jpg
    Poronui Hunting – From a luxury Lodge to an Alpine hut and top New Zealand guides
  • poronui_tahr_hunting_nz.jpg
    Poronui Hunting – Bull Tahr in New Zealand’s Southern Alps
  • poronui_red_stag_new_zealand_poronui_3.JPG
    Poronui Hunting – Superb trophy Red Stags, Sika, Rusa, Sambar, Tahr, Chamois and Fallow

Poronui HuntingWelcome to Poronui

With properties in both the North and South Island, we offer superb Red Stag hunting in New Zealand, and trophy hunting for Sika, Rusa, Sambar, Tahr, Chamois, Fallow Buck and more. We also provide exceptional free range hunting opportunities. We have luxury hunting lodges and top New Zealand hunting guides.

Find out more about hunting in New Zealand with us.



Trophiessome of our latest trophies

  • poronui_fallow_trophy

    Fallow Buck

  • poronui_goat_trophy

    Feral Goat

  • poronui_red_trophy

    Red Stag

  • poronui_sika_trophy


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